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The New Horse of the Old West
Recently “Working Cow Horse” has become a name for a big buck Western competition event bringing fine trainers, fancy horses and common cows together. Working Cow Horse has always been a term used on cattle ranches such as ours in the west. The working cow horse, cuts cattle, pens cattle, drives cattle, ropes cattle, searches the plains and mountains for cattle, and even on certain occasions, hauls salt to cattle. It is a term that applies to just about all the horses on our ranch except those that are too young or too old.

So when I went to Brazil in 2000 to purchase Mangalarga Marchador horses, the cow horse of Brazil, I wanted not show horses, but tough, athletic animals that would work on our cattle ranch.

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Volume 10, Number 4
Fall 2007

This issue of Conquistador takes you around the world of horses of Iberian descent. Learn about the New Horse of the Old West: the Mangalarga Marchador, and its excellent capabilities as a cow horse. Take a journey with a horsewoman and her Lusitano mare. Celebrate with the Brazilian Equestrian Team and their success at the XV Pan American Games. Learn about the application of alta escuela to the gaited Peruvian Horse with Drs. Deborah and Adele McCormick.

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